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Scaling & Polishing 

Removal of plaque & calculus (White & Yellow hard deposits accumulated on your teeth). Removal of stains caused by coffee, tea and red wine. 

Cheers for healthier teeth and gums!


Dental implants is one of the most effective way in replacing a missing tooth. It is design for a long term solution to restore your smile! 

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom tooth are adult third molars. Most people have 4 in total - 2 Upper, 2 Lower. 

In some cases, it is recommended to remove if it causes trouble such as pain, decay or infection.  

Orthodontic Treatment 

There's a lot of benefits from doing orthodontic treatment, whether its to straigthen, adjust bite, improve speech or even for a healthier mouth. 

A smile is a life-long investment! To gain more attractiveness & confidence.  


Think of it as a "cap" on top of the tooth. It's main purpose is to protect, cover and restore a damage tooth. 

It comes in metal, tooth colored or even gold! The possibilities are endless

Whitening Options 

Whether its a take home kit or an in - office whitening, we provide both depending on your desire & needs. 

For a brighter smile! 


Any enquires? Get in touch to learn more. 

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