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Dr Akiyma Itsuma  

Japan Division, Nihon Dental Center 

Dr. Akiyama graduated from Nihon University school of Dentistry as a scholarship student in 1995 and began to be engaged in the odontology department medical treatment.


A year after his graduation, he studied as a prosthodontist in the Nihon University hospital and was commended from TELDYNE WATER PIK as a clinical trainee doctor.

Since 1996, Dr. Akiyama has specialized as a prosthodontist at Nihon University hospital and obtained the doctorate degree in year 2000. He continued to practice as prosthodontist at Nihon University hospital till year 2003.

Dr Akiyama moved to Singapore in Year 2003 and practiced in Nippon Dental Care located at Gleneagles Hospital.

In Year 2011, Dr Akiyama joined Asia Healthcare Dental Centre, located in the Wisma Atria to provide better accessibility, better environment and better services to the Japanese Community.


Looking forward to meeting you. 

Any questions, do call me! 

+65 8709 4711

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